The Day of Christmas

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It was the night before Christmas, and two little girls thought...
"Wouldn't it be nice, if we showed the children what Santa brought?"
So quickly they went, since Christmas was so near,
to ask if the twins could help with some holiday cheer.
"We'll do it, sure, on one condition," the two demoneses said,
That we can open our presents after we're done with the sled."
So out they went late on Christmas day,
to hand out presents on a gimp drawn sleigh.
"Come one, come all," Isadora called with delight,
"Get your presents here, its a fine Christmas night!"
Ciel handed out the gifts, with the help of her presents,
to the nobles, the guards, and even the peasants.
And the two little girls smiled, with such nervousness and glee,
they got what they wanted, but soon they would see:
Santa may bring presents on Christmas, and then his day will pass,
but there is one present that can be received all year, and that gift is ASS!

Part 2: The following evening:

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