The Carnal Kingdom Presents:

Happy Devil's night!

Devil's Night! 2012!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Devil's Night 2012!
As tradition goes, Demons  of the Carnal Kingdom go into the Mundane world, to haunt and cause terror to those that live in the mundane world.
So, instead of the usual Carnal Kingdom stuff,  I have for you a few things!

First, if you remember the previous years, here is a game. Don't worry, clicking on it isn't going to be dangerous. Just spooky!

Click HERE~!
Its called "The House"! Enjoy it!

Next up for bids is a new story! Elena is our resident innocent girl, and this story is awesome enough for everyone to enjoy. There is a link on the library page but if you want, you can look HERE too!

Here is a video for all of you. Its something to pass the time, and you might enjoy it too! :)
Don't forget, the Devil's Night is for playing pranks on people! This is something that you might like. :)

The night is extremely young and very cute it seems! But before we go, here is one last thing. You should enjoy it, and maybe it will lead you down to darker paths of pranks!


We hope you enjoyed this little gig. Unfortunately we don't have anything else for you, but you never know! More things might be coming your way soon!
Have fun!

Leave to the LIBRARY.