The Carnal Kingdom Presents:


The bringers of Death.

Welcome to the guide of the Carnal Kingdom's most deadliest group of beings... the Black Lotus petals.
This guide is created by the prince himself, and explains everything one would need to know about them.
I am sure this will shed some "light" on things.

Chapter 1: The list of deadly Evil
    Welcome my friends. Welcome to the Black Bastion in the northern district. home of the Black Lotus petals. I will be your host this evening, the Dark Prince of Lust, Samael, and I am glad you decided to come. But you are probably wonderting why I brought you here. Well, sit back, relax, and enjoy the night music as I explain everything to my favorite Carnalites.

    While most kingdoms have their own little special army and elite squad of people, not every kingdom has it's own personal left hand group. Through cloak and dagger, through espionage and dirty works, the protectors of my Carnal Kingdom, the Black Lotus Petals, have protected me and my kingdom from many dangerous encounters. Why, I even keep a protector around constantly, althought it varies on who this might be from time to time. Most time it is Stigma, by left hand girl, who protects me. But most of the time, it can be anyone, as they are all capable of destroying the most powerful foes.

    Who is Stigma? You mean you truly do not know? I am sorry, I forgot you are new, and are a special guest in my Kingdom. Let me explain each member in detail, so you can better understand the people who run in this group.

STIGMA. LEFT HAND LADY of the Dark Prince, Fallen Angel, and bringer of Death Incarnate

    This is Stigma. Young looking as she may be, She is possibly older then me... but she will never tell such. She is my personally hand picked fallen angel, the one whom I adore ... and of course like any of my girls, I enjoy everlasting pleasure with. She is more then just a lover, however, as she has time and time again that she is loyal to me in every way... and because of this, I am eternally grateful for her.

    For you see, I was the one who taught her that Heaven's way was the way of lies. Before me, she did not understand how painfully DECEPTIVE and DESTRUCTIVE Heaven can be. Now that she knows, she is prepared, and one day she will have her revenge on Celestia.

    But until then, she prepares and sharpens her blades, strengthens her magic and sharpens her wit. As the world changes, so does she, in order to be ready for anything that comes into our wake.

    Stigma is not only my main protector, but I have given her leadership over the whole group. Through her, almost all of the dark Lotus Petals were picked and trained. Due to her power, combat prowess, and strategy, she has kept the seat of leadership for decades... and she does not plan on relinquishing such a rule soon.

    Stigma also delegates what jobs need to be done in the kingdom as well. While my great demonesses are helpful with many menial and important tasks, only Stigma has the fine finesse and style to take care of those SECRET tasks that need to be handled around my kingdom.

    One might think that I am praising her too much.

    But until you have had someone so useful, so powerful, and so wonderfully loyal by your side... then do not complain.

    For she is truly the beginning and the end. And when I rise... she will be right next to me. Then, and only then, will those that have challenged me in the past, realize true fear.


    Aellon is a funny fellow. Not at all actually, but he does indeed an interesting being and notes merit within my ranks. He began his life as powerful demon who appeared in my mists. I knew that he was meant for greatness, and so I decided to make him a dark noble. It was not long after this that I was approached by Stigma about making a group to protect the kingdom, and I swiftly added him as second in command. Stigma... does not necessarily like the fact that he is her second, and often she complains about how he does things.

    But of course, that is what makes things interesting.

    Aellon has done many things as second in command, and has many jobs that he has taken care of as well. In truth, Stigma can sometimes be a bit... overkill... and is too strong for certain things in the kingdom and beyond. Aellon would be the one that has the power and skill to take care of those truly dangerous threats, but with enough subtlety to take care of the threats without alerting others in the kingdom.

    It is truly said, that without Aellon, the dark assassins would not be AS stealthy as they are today. It is believed that Aellon even taught Stigma how to be stealthy, which in fact, is funny to me.

    But what truly makes Aellon interesting is his ever need to grow. It is no secret that he covets my seat of power and perhaps is no where near as lustful as me. Because of this, I watch him closely, and I take personal interest in his growth. Who knows? Maybe one day I will step down as master of this place, and he will be the one to rule the Carnal Kingdom.

    Then again, that is a long way from happening... so I see no real reason to even continue talking about this.


    Remiel. Ah, Remiel. How useful you have been to me over the years you have been here. Remiel is truly an angel. No, truly, he is an archangel, BUT, more so, he is fallen. Like the Grigori of old, he loved the humans way too much, and was exiled because of this. Many things have happened to bring Remiel into the position tha the is in today, including hurting my cute little Isadora. But I forgive him, so long as he continues to do my bidding... or at least continues to help Stigma out.

    Remiel has done many things for the Kingdom. for one. he is a great protector. Due to 'size' of many of the Black Lotus members, he works as a vigilant guardian, making sure to protect the smaller black lotus from larger foes while they get their work done. He also takes care of clean up, and will make sure that humans who do not need to know about the black lotus... DON'T.

    Contrary to the kingdom, Remiel is good. Yes. Good. And being good, he worries many people that one day he will turn around and bite the hand that feeds. But I am not worried. Because it would seem as though Remiel and Stigma are in an relationship together. A loving, disgusting relationship, where Remiel finds the need to love and cherish Stigma, while Stigma finds the need to help Remiel change his mind of those that don't deserve his help. Its truly a love love relationship, with some special little PERKS that truly make my stomach churn. But nevertheless, I am glad she keeps him around, and we all work to slowly bring the archangel down to the darker side of things.

    He would make a great noble after all. He seems geared for it.

    But for now, Remiel stands firm on his belief that humans should be protected. Perhaps one day Stigma will lust her way into his heart and change his mind. Until then... I await... patiently for such a thing to happen.


    The rest of the group are in no particular order. So do not believe that they are listed by power or command.

GABRIELA, THE SILENT ROSE, keeper of the shadows and secrets of stealth and silence

   Gabriela has been here almost as long as Aellon has been. Coming from a secret past that only a select few (including myself of course) know, this young demoness has risen in power and was noticed for her uncanny ability to emit no sound... so long as she remains barefoot. It is a unique trait actually, as if the power comes from her feet, all her motions, including her clothing, does not make a sound... a truly frightening ability, considering she is an assassin. Due to this, she handles many of the secret killings that can be found around the kingdom, and she has done well to kill some of the most powerful people... without them ever knowing.

    Gabriela's race of demons look hispanic and have a unique amount of abilities, but in truth, she is the only one of her people to have the ability to stealth like she can. It is such an amazing trait I might add, that I have time and time again used her as a spy, to take care of many of the stealth based missions across this vast multiverse.

    Gabriela is truly an asset for the Kingdom, and the Black Lotus in a whole. I look forward to watching her grow, and seeing how her story will unfold.

CANDY, or Candice, the infiltrator and special operative and disguise master

    Candy is a sweet little party goer that has a nack for infiltration. Mainly, she has a knack for disguise that many of the Black Lotus do not have. Not only is she a make up artist and a GRIFTER, she also has a unique biker suit that uses illusions and magic to change her into the desired outfit or persona that she needs to be.

    While Candy has a special little something about her that makes her stick out, she
hides her true identity most of the time  and rarely comes out of her biker outfit to show who she is.

   Her secret? That she is actually an anthropomorphic mouse girl in disguise.

    Candy is not embarrassed of her mouse heritage at all. In fact, she stands at a good height of five foot three, and she is just as sexy as any humanoid girl that walks around. Just because she is a beast race, does not mean that she needs to be embarrassed.

    No... I believe she hides herself due to her constant dealings with the mortal realms, and to keep people from knowing her true strengths. It is a good tactic, and I am sure she will bring us many more interesting tactics to come.

May, the reign of arrows, she who rains silent terror upon the world

    May has an interesting place in this world. She is considered to be the top sniper at the moment, and deals a lot of the ranged assassinations that are needed by me and the Black Lotus as a whole. Cold and calculating, May was once a normal girl before events in her life changed her and all she stood for. Now, she fights for me with a loyalty all her own, and I can truly say that she is... deadly.

    A master archer, she is capable of raining arrows on anyone at super fast speeds. I was impressed by her abilities as a half demon, and I am sure she is proud to be who she is.

    While usually cold and calculating during a mission, I would assume she wants what any girl wants out of life. Security. And I am here to give it to her. So long as I give her that, she will always be a Black Lotus member. I can assure you that.

ZANKURO, the punisher, she who would be a 98% sadist and the interrogator  

    Zankuro was the first to be extracted from the Orphanage of Darkness and brought to the Carnal Kingdom to be trained. Her speciality is within S&M, and she has a great technique to get people to talk. In fact, she is one of the best we have to offer, and I am proud to say that she can crack even the most burly and willful demons under her will. She is also one the first of a few humans to be initiated into the Black Lotus Petals.

    Since her initiation, she has been a great resource for Stigma and the others, and while she does not always go out to kill, she is good enough with her torture kit and whips and chains to always have a permenant residence with the Black Lotus petals.

    She is also the first girl they made immortally young. More on that later.

YUZU, DECEPTIVE and Innocent looking, the confused and estranged youth

    Yuzu is the second child to come from that Orphange of Darkness, and because of how Yuzu was trained, it became evident that this youth should be in the Black Lotus Petals.

    Problem is, Yuzu is very confused about their gender. Yuzu thinks and acts like a girl, but has all the working parts of a boy.

    This, and the occasional SHOTA Product, has created the perfect youth for many jobs, mainly infiltration and deception. Yuzu has no problems doing whatever, and has been used many a time to use the innocent demeanor to their advantage.

    Most of the Black Lotus treat Yuzu as a girl, except mostly the guys in the group, who find it weird. (Aellon most of the time stays clear, and Remiel can be seen shaking his head in shame). Zankuro is the only girl who really harbors any feelings in this matter, and will quickly "out" Yuzu for being a boy to anyone... so long as it does not interfere with the mission.

COGLIOSTRO, the hellfire demon and resident devil worshiping murderer

    Ah, I love this man. What an evil sunnuvabitch he is. I mean, don't get me wrong. I don't really condone the waste of perfectly good flesh like he would, but he is a powerful asset, and the man loves his work. But what really makes me love him, is how much of a SATAN SUPREMECY demon he is. This man loves the fires of Hell, or in my case, the Abyss. It brings him pleasure to do evil, and he loves every minute of working for a powerful demon like myself, or others. More loyal to my evil then to my word of Lust, he carries out the jobs given to him with ruthless authority.

    And the world is all better for it.

    Some people say Cogliostro is a murderer, and that is all there is too it. An assassin has finesse, and people like Aellon state they would rather a brutal killer like him not be in the group. I disagree, actually. I seem him as needed brute force when sometimes subterfuge will not work. And besides,  I just want him to continue his loyalty to me, evil and the Black Lotus and he can do whatever he wants.

     That being said, I wait patiently to see what this madman will do next.

ALICE, the ghostly figure that is a shadow of a girl beforeClick!

Alice is  a beautiful representation of what happens when a young girl dies and is raised by demons. Alice... has done many atrocities in her life, and because of this, has grown in power considerably. Her ability of death and death magic has made her a powerful ally, and a worthy member of the Black Lotus petals.

    For Alice, this is all a game however. Sometimes, what is a life or death situation for some can be a plaything for others. And while Alice has been in situations where she truly should have been worried, the child still did not feel threatened, and she has always taken things with a light hearted smile.

    Of course, with a catch phrase like, "Would you please die for me?", I am sure everyone would be worried about her.

    But not Stigma. She has found Alice to be the perfect killer. In retrospect, Alice finds Stigma to be a sister... and she is happy to be where she is.

    You know, suprising enough I don't hear Alice doing anything with sex really. I wonder if that is because of Stigma... or by choice? Hmm.

SHERRI, the young iaido girl from the insane asylumSherri can be clicked on. Not picked on.
    So many of the girls are what humans would say, "messed up", but none are as broken as poor Sherri. Poor, poor Sherri, who can't even tell which way is up sometimes, but magically is able to get things done that even I would not be able to do. Some say it is the insanity that gives her the abilities.

    In truth, there is is only one constant about Sherri; she is an exceptionally good Iaido artist. I am proud to say that I have never seen anyone move with her style and grace, and even I sometimes have a hard time defending against her attacks... when we spar of course. Where I would overpower her, she uses speed and finesse, and usually can destroy an enemy before they know it. As leader of this world, I have dubbed her a master, and give her full rights to claim she is the best with a Katana in the kingdom.

    They say Hell have o fury like a crazy woman scorned. Well, I can agree with that statement one hundred percent. And you don't even have to scorn her before this happens. No, really.

CHLOE, the hive of nightmares, the grateful undead, she who commands decay

    Chloe is a strange little minx. No one knows why she is around... except me of course... and ever since she arrived she has done her job extremely well.

    Chloe's secret is that she is undead. What magic keeps her alive? It would seem that perhaps the little girl was picked up by a crazy necromancer or perhaps by someone who was very sadistic. But whatever the cause of her reanimation, she still has enough cunning and ability to remain a valued member of the Black Lotus.

    She even has a nice little nursery rhyme about her, to which I can only smirk at when hearing it:
    When beautiful flowers wither and die,
    When a plague spreads and claims lives,
    When a vile swarm of insects fly,

    Be frightened,
    Chloe is nearby.

    She can definitely frighten those around her. With her ability to command insects and creatures of decay and rot, and her amazing knife skills, you can see why Stigma and I enjoy her so much. Oh, she has a great deal of magical prowess too, which this combined with everything she can do, makes her one deadly evil to reckon with.

Zaneia, the mystical seer / the ex goddess

More information about this dangerous beauty to come.

A Twelfth Member?

    Yes, we once had a twelfth member of the Black Lotus. Her name was Alyson, and she was an excellent gunner. Trick shots, gunplay, and a beautiful array of attacks that truly made her stand out. I was proud to see such a perfect hand gun user... but that ended with a visit from a certain Archangel. Technically if he counts as a member she would be the thirteenth, but so many of the members refuse to accept him as an official member... mostly due to Alyson's untimely demise. I feel sorry for her. Truly I do,

    But now the group is looking for a new member. They have their eyes on some nobles and some important people in the Kingdom... maybe it will be you?


        Sex for the Black Lotus members does not change because they are murderers. No, not at all, actually. They love their sex, and they use their sexual abilities for their advantage. So what, then, would sex mean to them?

    This is all speculation of course... but without asking and getting a biased opinion, this is what I believe.

    For some, like Stigma, it is a job. I have sex with Stigma constantly and while I can easily make her orgasm with the best of them, I know a lot of times she sees it as a job and not something that she loves.

    For others, like Yuri, she enjoys her sex like none other. Obviously, a girl under Isadora's tutelage would indulge in as much sex as possible.

    Aellon has is own personal little slave lover, Elena, and Zankuro loves to have S&M sex, usually with her as the dominatrix.

    All in all, the group deal with sex in their own little way. One would have to question them to find out how much they care about it. But I would suggest against it.


    So what do they do around the Kingdom? Well for one of the biggest jobs that they have, is to sniff out slavery operations and destroy them. While asked by myself to not destroy the companies in a whole, if caught peddling flesh, I have given strict orders to put a stop to the situation with ruthless authority. That does not mean that they go and kill all slavers in the kingdom, but there is usually one Lotus Petal around looking for them in order to stop it.

    Also, another fact of their life is an obvious one; sniff out usurpers and tratiors and obliterate them. This happens a lot more then you think, as so many demons, powerful and cunning and even the weak, believe I don't run my kingdom efficiently. That being said, I make sure I kill them before they even have time to do anything. Its usually is delegated between the group, and sometimes it is indeed a group effort to take down an entire group of interlopers. I am always proud of the results, and usually reward the group accordingly.

    The group go to the surface world, the material realm, often as well. I am always in need of things to be done in secrecy on the modern earth, and these wonderful little petals of mine get them done. It has been said, that without them, I would be lost... this could very well be true.

    So the question will come up... what do they do in their down time?

    I will admit, I am sometimes repetitious and can be considered boring, if all I do is have sex and move the world to sin. I do not mind if my left hand goes to play, and play they do. Many of the members will go to play in the material realm, and people like Yuzu and Yuri take this time to enjoy modern human life again. Others like Aellon manage their homes here, and I give them free reign to enjoy what they can. But in truth, many of these beings are like anyone else; enjoying their off days, having fun when they can, and strive to be as happy as they can be. I love how wonderfully normal they can be sometimes, and even scary murderers like Cogliostro and creepy girls like Chloe can enjoy themselves every now and again.

    It is this personal growth that makes me, and others, realize that the Black Lotus are not just murderers and tools of death. They are beings of pleasure, pain, and self worth. Without this, I fear I would not enjoy them as much... so I encourage it. Please... realize that they are not weak because of this. They are strong. And it is this that will help carry me into victory.


    Many demons have their own little personal guard. But none can be as passionate, as deadly, and as powerful as mine, due to the simple fact that they are just that. MINE. I am the one that helps them move forward, and I am the one that molds and shapes their lives to the point where I have devotion. Unbridled devotion. And this, in accordance to the lives they live while not working as a Black Lotus, makes them a force to be reckoned with. Just like my four great demonesses, I care a lot about them, and want to see them strive into powerful beings, capable of any feat. And as the time of reckoning is at hand, they will bring me to my greatest triumph, and I theirs.

    For you see, I am not just a Prince of Lust. I encompass more then just the sins of the flesh. And these particular beings, in their infinite glory, will bring me to the greatness I, and everyone of my kingdom, richly deserve.

    And... as always... the truth shall set us free.

 - FIN


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