The Carnal Kingdom Presents:

The GOOD, The BAD and the DAMNED
The complete guide to the inhabitants of the Carnal Kingdom; everything you need to know, want to know, and maybe even didn't even expect to know about them.

 The Introduction
    Within this world of sin an chaos, there are specific people that help make the world go around. Besides the citizens themselves who, by the grace of the Dark Prince, are free to contribute and make a name for themselves, there are already many people that help to make the Carnal Kingdom, "A BETTER PLACE". Over the many millennia that the Carnal Kingdom has been around, there have been many movers and shakers, and some might say that without theme, the kingdom wouldn't be as great as it is today. 

    We will start off by introducing the Damned of the kingdom, move onto nobles, and then go on from there. This guide will branch off into different pages; many of the factions in the Carnal Kingdom have unique individuals that need an abundant amount of space for their bios, so it will be best if we create different areas for each of them. Feel free to keep a copy of this guide open when waltzing through the kingdom. It will help prevent any uneccessary encounters, and will help you journey ith ease through the great city of MEPHALTES.

Chapter 1: The Damned (Or, how one will suffer in the Carnal Kingdom)
    So much can be explained by looking at one of the greatest resources of the Carnal Kingdom... the dead, also known as the damned. In an interesting twist, many of the damned are brought to the Kingdom by recruiters; those demons or supernatural beings (be they mortal or otherwise) that have been hired by the dark prince to bring a steady flow of souls to the Carnal Kingdom. Souls ARE power, after all, and it is no secret that Baator, the 9 Hells, has a monopoly on them. Sadly, most mortals would agree that going to to the Carnal Kingdom is much better then going to the nine Hells... because, unlike the Abyss, the Hells are after all... HELL.

    But that does not mean that someone is safe in the Carnal Kingdom. Food for power, food for pleasure, food for thought, the mortal kind are literally coming to  a fate worse then death when going to the CK. You can't EXPECT a good life there... although there is more hope for you to be free in the Kingdom then you would be anywhere else.

    You just have to earn it.

    Appendix A: The damned vs. The Living
    There is a big difference between the living, those that come to the Carnal Kingdom due to some unfortunate mishap, and the shades, or those who deserve to suffer for all eternity. For one, shades definitely outnumber many of the regular humanoids in the CK. For another, the shades tend to stick out, because they are usually the bottom of the totem pole. It is said that a shade can never become a citizen while a living human being can become one easily, provided they pass the test. But in actuality, this is not true; in fact, there are truthfully no KNOWN living humanoid Nobles. But that doesn't mean they can't get strong enough to try. Plus, Shades have an easier time with dark magic, considering they are manifested from the darkest part of the human soul. While normal humans can still learn magic and be very powerful, it is a lot easier for shades to learn it. So what is the advantage of being alive? Shades always
The TYPICAL "Outfit" of the Carnal
                      Kingdom The TYPICAL "Outfit" of the Carnal
                      Kingdomsense the same because of their dark energies. Because of this, most demons will pick on shades or eat them first. But shades look, feel, and think like a human being. So usually, there is no difference between a shade and a living humanoid, other then of course, things like aging, anf to just pick on them because it is assumed they DESERVE to suffer. But what human doesn't?

    Most humanoids - Humans, Elves, Dwarves and otherwise - are forced to start at the bottom of the totem pole. As far as demons see it, even the backwards tribes of the Nefesetairi count more then humanoids, and for demons that taste great and feel even better when sexed, it it something to be said about. If you want to be as happy as a DEMON, then you really have to work at it. Unfortunately for those that are living, the amount of bad things you need to do, almost ensure that you'll just start at the bottom of the barrel again after you die... after all, to be demonic, is to be evil. The typical attire of bottom feeders - AKA HUMANOIDS - is nothing at all. Many people, (especially those who do not like to be naked), find it incredibly hard to deal with, but not only that, as mentioned before, being nude is a free pass to be raped or ravaged, pillaged or plundered, and it is not a happy time when it happens. Considering most demons in the Carnal Kingdom are trained to sex the stupid into their opponents, its easy to say that the term "Fucked SIlly" is a very real thing in the CK. Still, if one can survive, one can get clothing, and that truthfully stops many of the rape attempts in someone's life. Its not as if they won't attack you still, but if the 'holes' are exposed, why not take them, instead of the ones covered up for a cheap thrill?

    Is there still violence done to humanoids here? Of course. Not only are they considered delicacies to demons, but they are also used by anyone do things to them and is strong enough to take it. If it is HELL to be a demon, then its down right SHITTY to be a humanoid. Still, some humanoids admit that its not that bad in the CK, if you can become a citizen. SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK AND ROLL? Life in the CK is a party, so why not live it up a little? After all, if you live by the motto, "Life is too fun to be unhappy. Play Hard. Fuck HARDER.", then you understand why the Carnal Kingdom is the perfect place to live.


For some, the world of the Carnal Kingdom is a dark paradise, where all their perversions come true. For others, its a nightmare, that never ends. But to whom do we owe this Honor? Of course it would be the Dark Prince of Lust, Samael, and his wonderfully seductive four great demonesses.

A young demon lad, new to the Black Guard and bright eyed as a young fox pup, blinked his eyes in surprise as he watched Etona and Kurai get pounded repeatedly and harshly by the enormous Minotaur brothers. Bent over a table, the two moaned and screamed in pain and delight as the both brothers came at the same time within their nether regions, which milked up the gallon of hot, sticky sperm like a thirsty man drinking water in the desert. Barely any fell out, which also astounded the man.

"If I may, my Prince," he said to the Demon Prince of Lust next to him, "How can they take such large cocks inside them? The shafts are almost as big as their torsos."

The prince laughed, taking note that the newly trained Black Guard lad had much to learn in the coming years.
"My dear boy," He said with a smirk, "Why would I give them an end to their vagina, or a gag reflex for that matter? They wouldn't be the best FUCKS in the kingdom, if I did that. No, their holes are as perfect as they are fun, and twice as deliciously evil. No size too big, no cock too long."

"I see..." The boy said. That last moan made his own shaft hard, as he tried his best to hide it from the prince.

"You can not hide yourself from me, boy. I know everything sexual there is to know." The prince said, before pushing him forward. "Now go, enjoy the pleasures of life. You'll never know when you'll get a chance like this again."

"Thank you, my dark prince!" The lad exclaimed, before hurrying over to join the fun.
As the boy shoved his penis inside Kurai's panting mouth, the dark prince laughed and folded his arms. Oh, how he loved to please his subjects.


"The Dark Prince of LUST"
The Demon Prince of Lust, with Etona and Kurai
    The Dark Prince of Lust, Samael, first created the Carnal Kingdom with the help of the Goddess of Freedom. Said to have been sick of everyone misinterpreting LUST and its true meaning, he took a darker path into the world, accepting dark power and the word and concept of "LUST" as his own. The Dark Goddess made a deal with him more then 3000 mundane years ago; if he can prove the world can be liberated by through lust and pleasure, then she would give him what he always desired. Now known as the Demon Prince of Lust, he has become one of the most powerful demons in all of the Abyss.

   Many people say that Samael is actually more evil then any other Demon Prince. Since he is said to have been once human, he has come up with many creative ways of introducing his word to the world, most of which are darker then the blackest night. But in contrast, there are a few demons who say that he is too kind, too human and too focused on the prize to truly rule his world right. Whichever way a citizen stands on this, they all agree - HE IS POWERFUL. Known as one of the best fighters in all of the Abyss, he has led hordes of the demonkind to victory against its oppressors, whether it is DevilKind, AngelKind, or HumanKind. He is known for his strategy and his cunningness, and he is seen as someone who is always one step ahead of his opponent.
                you imagine? Hardcore sex everyday. Fun, no?

Is it easy to be the prince? Not at all, actually. He might have many minions to do his bidding, but he is always protecting his layer of the Abyss, and is always fighting to make sure everything stays right. Life as a Demon Prince can be considered stressful, and even tho Samael has a fun word, there are always people who wish to take it from him, and they always try to bring him down.

But hey, its not all that bad. I mean, there is always the SEX, right? The dark prince does take liberties with being the ruler to so many species of lust demons. Life in his castle can always be considered "FUN", with random sex parties and hourly romps within the designated pleasure rooms, there is enough fun to make up for all the stress that he has to put up with.

The Dark Prince does leave a lot of things to his girls to take care of. As demons, it is their jobs to contribute to the degredation of "mankind". Here is what each girl does when it comes to the mortals and how they deal with them... as well as a little bit about each demoness.

Ciel the Seducer
CIEL: The Seducer and the Tempter

    They say, first came Ciel, the demoness of unbridled seduction. Split apart from her twin, they say that she was the one to get all the dark seduction of the two. It is Ciel's job to bring down humanity through their very desires, to seduce them with power and lust, and to give them what they always wanted, only to show them that life isn't always what it seems. Ciel takes pride in the fact that she has never lost to anyone when it comes to seduction, and she always believes that anyone can be seduced, even Angels and Gods themselves. She just has approach each the right way, and then it is all in the history books. Cool and collected, she can be considered the strategist of the group, and although Kurai comes close to her in planning, she still takes the "cake" when it comes to sheer strategy. Most of the Carnal Kingdom also know her for her willingness to help, but the secret is easily revealed why she would help you; she wants to see what you would do if she pushed you in a certain direction. Ciel is always interested in new prospects, and she always seems quick to give soemthing new a try. Most people can not tell what she is thinking... and for the most part, most want to know. There is something about Ciel's calm, calculating demeanor yet youthful teen face that makes others... wonder...

Isadora the Hedonist
Isadora: The Headonist and the Party Animal

    Second, came Isadora. Living up to her punk rocker / Gothic Punk look, she has always been the fastest, headonistic, and the most fun loving of the group. While Ciel makes the plans, Isadora is the one that gets them done the quickest, and she is tasked with bringing the world to their headonistic genes. Isadora has a knack of dragging people screaming to the Abyss, but not because of terror they are in. Its because of the fun they are having while riding the proverbial highway to hell, on a  flaming motocycle with Pentacle on it. As far as the Kingdom is concerned, she IS the poster child for SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK AND ROLL... but she also proves that each can be just as deadly as a shot in the head. She is the one that burns you out, the one that overdoses you on life and all its physical pleasures, and the one that gives you more then you need. If someone in the kingdom wants to really get MESSED UP, they go to the fun loving demoness of Headonism, Isadora. If anything, she definitely fits her teen persona more then her sister, who seems much more mature then she does. But in truth, Isadora even shows her a good time, and helps her relax where no one else could. The prince is glad to have his little fireball, and makes sure that she keeps mankind... in a constent hangover state.

Kurai, the innocent Deciever
Kurai: The Not-So-Innocent and the Deciever

    Third, came Kurai. When first made, the first two girls questioned Kurai's innocent, bright eyed demeanor. But when they saw how she was truly like, they changed their tunes. Kurai, also known as the Princess of Beasts, is tasked with keeping the secrets of the kingdom. She is the type of young demon girl that everyone wants to get to know, simply by how sweet she looks alone. But those that truly know her, know that it is all an act. Like her secondary job as keeper of the beasts, (those demons who rank as D rank and under in the Kingdom, as well as keeper of the dragons), she can find a vicious streak just as easy as the rest of the girls, who quickly found out that she can easily use your secrets against you. She has the pleasure of seducing man by making them lower their guard, and helps them further bury themselves into the abyss. If they thought that cute faces could bring down entire nations, she would be the one to further it. They say that she also has the prince's ear more then any of the other girls, and that he devolges even more to her then anyone else. For that very reason, she is trusted to protect the kingdom, and she keeps that trust in the same place that she keeps the love for her Demon Prince.Etona, the sexy majin

Etona, The Mischevious Majin and Seductress of Power

    Etona was the last of the four demonesses of power to come out, but was certainly not the least. The most powerful demon in the CK other then the Dark Prince himself, she is a majin of unspeakable power. A lot wonder if she could even defeat the prince if she wanted to... but to this day, she remains loyal to him and refuses to give in to such demands. She has the prince's trust to protect the others as well, a feat that she does with ease. But even though she is based on protection and power to destroy, she is not without her lusts as well. The lust of power, the lust for more and the lust for fame is her forte, as she gives people a small taste of power and drowns them in it as they want more. She normally will find someone who is truly in need and seduce them in more ways then one; then when the time is right, she takes away, and gets them begging for more of EVERYTHING. That is when she knows her fangs have bitten in, and she moves forward from there, devouring them from the inside out. Etona enjoys sex just as much as any of the four however, and uses her dark powers and seduction to aid her in her degradation of her victims. She is consider just as valuable an asset to the Dark Prince, who always encourages her to learn and do more... and although a lot of times she can be seen as lazy, she is always doing something in the background, waiting for that next big, wonderful score.

The kingdom has the prince and his four demonesses to help run things smoothly, but they are not the only ones to run things. The kingdom is like any well oiled machine. It requires many different nuts and bolts (so to speak), and one of those wonderful cogs are THE NOBLES.


    The thirteen nobles of the Carnal Kingdom help deal with the inner workings of the people. They help with trade, protection, and even delegate jobs and duties to the people of the city. If a problem with a citizen arises, the citizen is encouraged to go to a noble instead of one of the four greats or the dark prince himself. The nobles are hand picked by the dark prince, and it is said that the prince gives each one a specific task to do; some say that without the nobles, the kingdom would have been lost years ago to many other strong Demon Princes.

    There are 13 nobles, divided into different noble HOUSES that represent a different aspect of the world. The noble District holds most of their Villas, with the three merchant nobles living in the Merchant District to make sure things are running smoothly. The houses take wards and other beings of darkness under their wing, to strengthen their nobility and continue to strive to make things better.

The listing of the nobles are as follows, from the least important to the strongest and most important:

13) House Hunter, lead by Lady Eileen Hunter, The Duchess of Judgement / Former Leader: House Thais, lead by Lady Thais, the house of Perversions

12) House Galume, lead by Lord Darius Galume, The Lord of Slaughter and Execution

11) House Arcana, lead by Lord Marku Arcana, The Lord of Greed and Wealth

10) House Lodewijk, lead by Lord Leopold Lodewijk, Leopold the Second, Second King of Belguim, The noble of trade and secret owner of the slave market company "Surial and Company"

09) House Crowley, lead by Lady Jody Crowley, The new house of Perversions and lady of the pleasurable

08) House Dyer, lead by Lady Amelia Dyer, The Lady of Profanity

07) House Bathory, lead by Lady Elizabeth Bathory, The Duchess of Blood and Undeath

06) House Mcgrenthe, lead by Lady Alastyn Mcgrenthe, The House of Darkness

05) House Olympus,  lead by Lady Helen Olympus, Helen of Troy and lady of the house of Jealousy and Betrayal

04) The Dread Emperor, Tormentor of those who seek to do good and defiler of all things innocent

03) House Aellon, lead by Lord Aellon, the Lustful Wind, keeper of the order in the city. He is known for being the owner of Elena Robinwood as well, his only slave girl and a sought after innocent within the kingdom.

02) House Seccula, lead by Lord Rangford Seccula, Lead and sponsor of the war effort and also known as being the sole supplier to the Black Guard for weapons, funds, and other equipment

01) The great noble Firr Raegan, Leader of the Nobles and Second to Final Vote if a person becomes a noble or not. Lord Firr Raegan is believed to be Tiamat's son, a great and powerful ancient evil dragon who has as much if not more power then the Dark Prince himself. He only stays as head of the nobles however, and always has the Dark Prince's ear when politics in the ABYSS or the CK are concerned.

To find out more about them, please visit this section HERE. You will be able to learn more about them and how they worth with better details if you go there.


The Black Lotus Petals, The Left Hand of the Kingdom
   So many people fear the shadows, but so many more don't know why. Those that do know, know that the shadows are filled with those who watch the streets, protecting the world from the unseen corners, and taking cautious steps to never been noticed. It is the Black Lotus Petals, those who swear utmost fealty to the Dark Prince and work as the left hand of the kingdom, who people fear for their lives. Do they have good reason to fear them? Yes, they do.

    The Black Lotus Petals work with in tandum with the black guards in order to protect the kingdom. But where the blackguard also protect from outside sources and other creatures in the planes, the Black Lotus take care of a lot of the inner workings, and are thus more feared than any of the other dark forces ran by the kingdom.

    The Assassin group does take care of things outside of the kingdom, and when needed they are the most efficient, most skilled, and the deadliest force known to demon kind. Run by Stigma, the fallen angel,  the Black Lotus Petals do their job with ruthlessness, and never take no for an answer. Some might say they are too good, and even the Prince himself might not want to slip up around them; But once again, the Dark Prince does not develge any knowledge of them being more powerful then him, and always mentions how helpful they are.

    Stigma herself, remains quiet on the matter.

More information on the Black Lotus Petals coming soon.

The CASTLE IUNCUNDITAS, and All its important inhabitants

    How many people would it take to build a Castle into a working place? The Castle of Carnality, Castle Iuncunditas, is in the CENTER of the City of Mephaltes. And within that, there are people that make the Dark Castle work. Some are surprised that even the maids and workers in the Castle are powerful, and most of the dark workers that reside in the castle can take care of themselves.


                                          Demon's Fate


   The Black Guard is known for being a dominating force, the army of the kingdom, and the protectors of the Citizens... for the most part. Within the ranks of the Black Guards, exists different groups that  are specially trained and highly unique. Anyone that joins one of this groupe are known as Elites, and those that are part of these elite groups are known for their power and strength. So important are the Unique groups, that the Dark prince has personally began to make sure they are happy and has taken personal interest in their training and power.

    This being said, many of the Black Guards are aspiring to be part of a group. As far as the Black Guard are concerned, those that join a group can truly become esteemed in the eyes of the kingdom. Otherwise, many of the black guard are seen as grunts, the militia of the kingdom that protects it, and are more like the marines of the kingdom. The official groups are truthfully are more like Secret Service, powerful and influential, as well as having say over who gets to see the prince.

Some of the groups known for their extraordinary talents and exempliary service:

TEAM DEMON FATE: Consisting of Hotaru, Allen, Lenalee, and Rokuro, they are known to be the closest to the dark lord and are very trusted by him. With Hotaru being a princess, and Lenalee and Allen being former Exorcists, there is a large bit of quality and power that comes from them which brings them above the rest of the groups. The prince himself has created such good relationships with Team Demon Fate, that he trusts them more then any other team too.

TEAM MAO: Consisting of Mao, Jenn the Fallen, and Mimi the AKUMA,  they are protectors of the people of the castle in a whole, making sure that everyone stays safe while working for the prince. Mao is constantly trying to rise in power and do things to make herself known, so there is kind of a  quest for her, wanting to gain the status of OVERLORD that she once had.


click please
    The Society of Ecstasy is one of the most important groups of the Carnal Kingdom. As far as evil humans are concerned, these witches of debauchery prove their worth by moving humanity deeper and deeper into the depths of dispair and darkness. So many of the dark order have contributed to the Carnal kingdom as a whole, that many of the society members enjoy a higher station then anyone else in the kingdom. Ran by Alice Romanova, she has a deal with the kingdom's leaders; they continue to pay homage to lust and freedom as well as evil, and they continue to have a great seat in the kingdom.

    The main importance of the Society of Ecstasy is the worship of the flesh; they admit that while power comes from the soul, much of life's great pleasures are based on the flesh. Material pleasures and gains are the one thing that most people want, and the true happiness can be lost within the sins of the flesh; gluttony, lust, and greed. So powerful are their teachings, that the society has grown exponentially since they first began.

    And they will continue to grow too, as the power of the Kingdom is growing as well.


LORD LOREOL, The powerful scholar of the Kingdom
At one point in the distant past, a powerful scholar arose to show how amazing he really was. An enigma to most, he resides in the depth of the castle's archives, slowly pulling the strings and making sure that those who need his assistance get it... and those who are not worthy, truly know fear. A powerful dark sorcerer, he is always stressing how the kingdom must change as far as priorities go...

But that is another story...

    Mother Harlot is a Nightwing. Nightwings are demons that look like young girls but have Mother Harlot..
an insatiable libido and amazing ability at magick. She went through trials and tribulations to put her race on the map, and she became mother of them all. She now has the ability to create Nightwings at a whim, and due to her now patron Demon Prince, she has magick power that has never been seen before.

She originally started out as a castaway from another demon lord. He decided that her and her race were too underaged looking and weak, and he went with the staples of demonic: The succubus. This aggrivated Harlot and made her go searching for power. Eventually upon finding great beings such as the legendary beast and the prince of carnality, she gained status and abilty that has made her more important then ever before.

    She is seen in the Pleasure Pits of  SHAL-MARI, in the heart of 
MEPHALTES. She is the propietress, and she makes sure everyone in the Pleasure pits are eithier "Fucked" or getting "Fucked". Together, with her favorite nightwing child Lily, they run THE DEVIL'S BRIM with happiness and eagerness.

The Other side... Antagonists of the kingdom!
Since this is a demon world, the Carnal Kingdom has many antagonists. The demons are constantly attacked if they come above, so many of them have to be secretive and have to work without anyone knowing its them. While anyone can come in and out of the kingdom, the kingdom has been attacked before. Here are some names that ring a bell.

LORD GRAZ'ZT, The Demon Prince
The demon prince, self proclaimed, is the ruler on a different level of the Abyss. Although he is higher up as far as number of levels, (He rules the 33rd and 34th levels to be exact), he is still a great power in the Abyss and hates the prince of carnality dramatically. He has launched attacks on Mukuro/Samael many times, and he always is plotting to find ways to destroy him. However, Mukuro is not worried, as he knows that even though Graz'zt is stronger, Mukuro holds more power as a carnal lord. Graz'zt, having originally taken the position as master of the sin lust, has now held that grudge against Mukuro and will one day try to bring him down.

Some say that the fight between the two is legendary, and that one day Graz'zt and Samael will meet on the field of battle. Until that day comes, the dark prince lets everyone know to stay away from Graz'zt domains, as the demon prince will surely smite them if he knows that they are from the Carnal Kingdom.


The Heavenly Host has always tried to destroy the carnal kingdom and everything it entales. As one of the layers of the abyss, the host has specific agents that try to fight against the carnal kingdom... however all angels in a whole wish for the carnal kingdom to be destroyed. It is said, that one day there will be a large war between the abyss and Celestia itself. Heaven will come down and attempt to smite the wicked, and the Abyss will come up and will prove once and for all that there is no truth to the light. In the end, the casualties are said to be great, but when the final trumpet sounds, and the Metatron will declare the winner.

The question is... who will win? The holy host, or the infernal horde?

Only time, and the almighty themselves know...


Auriliel is well known to the denizens of the Carnal Kingdom. A very beautiful and loving angel, she hates Stigma with the passion of justice and wants to destroy the former power for all the deeds she has done. Some say that she is the strongest POWER in Heaven, and that she left Heaven so that she can fight evil on a person to person level. It is unclear if the angel has gone mad or not in her attempt to destroy evil. All Stigma knows is that she defeated this crazed former sister of hers once before, and if she has to, she will do it again.

LOVESTAR, The powerful leader of the forces GOD
Lovestar is a great foe of the Carnal Kingdom. Having gone toe to toe with the prince before, she has had a few chances to defeat the Carnal Kingdom. Because of her alone, the prince warns his citizens about leaving the kingdom without a failsafe to come home. Lovestar has powerful martial arts styles (Hoshiryuu Yumeken and Byakko Shinken just to name two), and with this she can easily destroy demons. They are unsure if Lovestar is even an angel or not, but they know that she is strong enough to be an archangel. All that is known about Lovestar is that she autistic and very strong and sexy.  One day, the prince hopes to take care of her. Until then...

Zorra is a cute snow fox angel and is one of the angels in training. She bears particular note due to her knowing Flonne and Lina, two angels that fell into the Carnal Kingdom. However, she does not know that the two are missing, and in fact, only knows of Jen, whom she loathes. She has a very high IQ and is great at archeology and science. She soon hopes to break free of the "Angel-In-Training" status and gain strength so she can go on more adventures.